"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us." Ephesians 3:20

Monday, July 3, 2017

Ells turns 7

Believe it or not this little or big girl turned seven this year. Her birthday falls on a pretty busy time of year with soccer and school wrapping up and Easter in there. This year she wanted her ears pierced so after soccer wrapped we hit it up! Literally the night after her last soccer game we went to get it done at Claires. And for all your newbies like me to the ear piercing world. It aint no $20 bucks like it used to be. Nope $55. What. And add earring and a sale like buy 3 get 3 and somehow we checked out to the tune of $115. I'm still a bit shocked actually. But she is loving the earrings and changing them out and doing a great job taking care of her little ears!

She got gymnastic lessons for the summer and is LOVING it! And a sweet new bike

Ells you are such a blessing to me! I know you wish you had a sister but wow you are lucky to have four brothers who adore and pester you out of nothing but love. I'm so thankful I get to have that mother daughter relationship with you! Lucky for you you don't have to share me! You get me to yourself. And someday you will love that! I'm thankful you have cousin sisters and hopefully you will always be close. You are smart, talented, creative. God made you extra special! We are lucky you are one of ours! Love you more than you will ever know! Mom & Dad

how it really is
Celebrating with her friends - 
Ells decided to have some girlies over on an early out . They had such a blast playing, dancing, you name it! She is so lucky to have some great little friends. 


This year was Sage's first year playing soccer. He grew a lot. Became more and more aggressive and had a ton of fun. Now momma wasn't planning on coaching these little dudes but they needed someone so i guess i slipped into the role. therefore no pictures because well dad needs to step up his game on that one. He scored a few goals and wants to go out in the fall so i call that a win!

ells went out again. she loves playing defense and has decided that she will play again when there is a goalie. she scored a couple goals this year and keeps improving!

shadd love soccer. and well believe or not d helped coach his team this year. pure craziness. mr. i hate soccer coaching. ironic. well he loves to see his son succeed and love something and he definitely gotten a whole lot better from when he started playing at 5 or 6. like a lot better. he finished the season with 5 goals in one game and a few assists. talk about make a momma proud!

and how the rest of us watch each others games. we bring the partyeee. dog pile anyone. and sorry to all the other parents. i'm sure they are thinking why are they coaching all three of their kids one team at a time. chaos and we are honestly the most competitive people ever. like chatting the whole way home about who showed up to play, the refs calls, etc. life in the livingston house for the fall and spring anyways!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

April and May in photos

 We tried some mo-hawks or flat hawks as our boys don't really have the hair to do a mo-hawk correctly. Always dubbing a new term. Trend setters! 😂😂

We got our use out of the swing set before the mosquitos take over our backyard. Its kind of a spring and fall treat!

Fun with bubbles and our new large wand. Always a spill and the pleasure is equal to the time it takes me to set up the fun! Someday I will be able to just sit and enjoy these things I hope. Instead Laz is eating the cap and Z is dumping all the bubbles onto the ground!

 Lunch time craziness and of course the table is the best jungle gym!

Our May day baskets. Yea for some bags I had leftover from a birthday party. Made for quick and easy treats to deliver to our neighbors. The kids always have a blast surprising everyone and our neighbors were out delivering too. So much fun!

Lots of golf lessons and practice sessions on the range in the backyard. Z and Laz are great ball droppers!

Kindergarten screening for this guy and he passed. He is off to the big K this fall. He loved every minute of it and thought he should just get started.

Date night with this guy in honor of our 12th anniversary. We will have been together for 20 this fall. What the what?? Seems like yesterday he called to ask me to homecoming. Deep voice and all. Cracks me up just thinking about it. Think I may need to go down memory lane one of these days and write all that I remember down. Someday a blog post. If I can keep up with it finally.

 We hit up Tulip time with our cousins during the school day! We attempted to eat some hot dogs and such. Life with babes is always a bit crazy town. I stayed back with the babies while my sis took the bigs to the parade.

 Messes inside and pure fun at this house I tell ya.

Capital campaign for church and these guys emptied their piggy banks to help build the new church. It melted my heart to see how much they care for the church and Jesus and how big and unselfish their little hearts are. His kingdom is so much bigger because of their generous hearts already! 

 of course add to the garage sale mania when this one wakes from nap looking like this. What?? Well after some benadryl he looked a heck of lot better. thought he was allergic to tree nuts like Sage. Took him for testing and nothing. So who know what that was. Talk about make a mommas heart stop.

Garage sale baby. We made the most sales during our pre-sale. HaHa. But got to spend the day with one of my favorite peeps in the world!

A little easter egg hunt in our neighborhood