"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us." Ephesians 3:20

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Here we come 2018

We getting to 2018 like


ho - here we go

christmas celebrations

since our family is close we get to celebrate christmas pretty much non-stop for the entire break. and the break this year was super short or so it seemed but none the less.

first up - d's family.

grandma d and papa g always have lots of fun things up their sleeves. there are 4 (4 grown kiddos) families and 10 grandkids and counting (wink wink uncle j) . this year the kiddos all got matching disney jammies so fun. and then they got to open their socks. such a fun tradition filled with lots of goodies. and grandma made homemade donuts so good along with a hot cocoa bar. and the house is decked out from top to bottom in christmas cheer. it just makes me smile thinking about it. plus they have their cousins to play with which is super fun and probably their favorite part. mine too! just watching them love and play with one another.

this year something fun was the giant syranwrap ball. it was huge and full of fun prizes. but the best part was watching d's grandma play. she is a hoot that grandma daisy. and my best memories of her are her laugh. infectious and something i will never ever forgot. total and complete joy for life. i love it! we had tons of yummy food and d was slowly getting back into the swing of things which we were all extremely grateful for. it had been a bit scary there for a bit.

then we celebrated christmas with just us

 cookies for santa and a lego north pole

 slumber party in our room. d even blew up the air mattress. so far we are 4 out of 5 in there. soon d and i won't be able to sleep in our room. just keep wondering how long before it doesn't stick. hopefully teenagers.

and i found a pic of the tree - its giant. if that door to the right gives you an idea. we love it though!

 santa came!!

we always open presents from santa first! - he brought us the nintendo switch this year so that was fun! plus some really fun stocking stuff!

then we pause for a big breakfast of daddy's famous pancakes!

then on to presents from mom and dad - this year the best gift was a trip to florida! which will come soon in the blog as i am so far behind.

these are my favorite birds eye view photos. will try and capture this every year! 

ells got a insta camera which she was pumped about. loos slide was a hit in the middle of the living room. z loved his bumblebee guy and sager got some sweet mario stuff! i love watching them interact and help each other and have joy for the other in what they got. there truly is nothing sweeter. better than being a kid on christmas is a parent on christmas!

z was talking teams in the next hockey game

 the best facial expressions go to the joy on shade's face! he got a ripstick!
d wasn't quite sure about the flag pole that we got him! debate still out on that! 

and then my family at our house over new years

our matching pjs were a cause for real laughs. our little photographers weren't stellar and the little guys wanted their mamas so it was comical!

we played lots of games, had lots of fun, and it was freezing. so cold that uncle n and aunt k lost a handle on their van and our pipes froze in the garage. we did manage a few games of ping pong in the garage and a little bit of throw up from shadd who felt miserable most of the weekend! making memories every day i tell ya!

christmas 2017 was fun all around!